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Catalogo Acetaia Leonardi - Linea CLASSICO


The "Red" catalogue offers the classic collection of Leonardi balsamic, the historical products of the tradition, the bottles sealed manually with the typical red wax seal and the satin ribbons. The medals of quality (one medal stands for 2 transfers) accompany the Balsamic Vinegars of Modena PGI, whereas the most exclusive and limited production is packed in precious gift sets. It also includes handy and functional tools like the balsamic glazes and the sprays which combine variety and design. The Leonardi Classica is a triumph of perfumes and savours pleasantly balanced to satisfy all tastes and sectors.

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Catalogo Acetaia Leonardi - Linea GOOD LUXURY - GOLD - DIAMOND


Good Luxury is synonymous of refinement and sobriety. The excellence of Leonardi production packed in the "tubes", elegant cylinders with mother-of-pearl colour or in the essential shaped caskets, made to exalt the content, absolute leader of the Great Family Reserve Leonardi. The GOLD selection provides a glittery and glamorous touch especially the noteworthy BalsamOro and the amazing Balsamic pearls, a real pleasure for the eyes and the palates and a perfect fusion of modernity and timeless tradition. The DIAMOND line is enriched with SWAROVSKI Elements™ which create a magical world where taste becomes a real jewel to admire and keep for the pleasure of the eyes and the palates. In fact, it is said that a Balsamic is forever...

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Catalogo Acetaia Leonardi - Linea IL GOCCIO


Il "GOCCIO" di Modena is a complete range of products celebrating the art of seasoning. The name "GOCCIO" means "DROP" and recalls the particular shape of this glass bottle, exclusive patent of Acetaia Leonardi, which contains all the Leonardi specialties in a 250ml size container. Il GOCCIO by Giovanni Leonardi features a homogeneous products line thanks to the same bottle easily recognizable (and patented), and always following the brand's philosophy: High quality ingredients and packaging, care for details, artisanal authenticity. Bring to your table a "Drop" of balsamic!

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Catalogo Acetaia Leonardi - Linea BIO


Acetaia Leonardi has always used environmentally friendly methods of agriculture and is happy to introduce its new Organic certified range of products: LEONARDI BIO. This complete line was born to satisfy the always growing demand for EU reg. n.834/2007 certified food products which guarantee to the consumer the use of recycled or organic fertilizers, prohibiting synthetic substances and the use of genetically modified organisms.

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Catalogo Acetaia Leonardi - Linea VOLARE


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Catalogo Acetaia Leonardi - Linea GOURMET SELECTION by ACETAIA LEONARDI


Discover the line Truffle GOURMET SELECTION by Acetaia Leonardi. 

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