Organic Collection Dolce Bio -3x100ml

Code: B-C1582

3x100ml - 3x3.38 fl. oz - Carton with 3 pcs

Collection Condiments  "Dolce Bio"

Wood box with 3 "sweet" organic condiments: SABA Condiment, WHITE condiment, CREMA Condiment.

The line LEONARDI BIO is certified by ECOGRUPPO ITALIA according to the EU Reg. 834/2007 which has replaced the former EU Reg. 2092/1991. LEONARDI BIO is not only Balsamic Vinegar of Modena but also other specialties made with Acetified grape must such as glazes and creams, white condiment, SABA, apple cider condiment, declined in various sizes and packaging to satisfy any sales channel.

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