BALSAMORO DIAMOND 30 travasi (50ml)

Code: DMN0360

50 ml - 1.69 fl.oz - Box 1 pc

Serie 30 travasi - Balsamic Condiment

This sweet-and-sour condiment made of Cooked grape must aged in wooden barrels shows a pleasant thickness and a balanced though intense taste. Following the tradition of Modena, it has been aged in the typical batteries of wooden casks placed in the attics of the Leonardi Balsamic Estate and has been through 30 transfers in different woods, acquiring the typical flavours, colours and perfumes of Chestnut, Cherry, Oak, Mulberry, Juniper, Acacia and Ash casks. It will perfectly exalt the taste of any dish, from the most sophisticated one to the simplest one, such as risotto, foie gras, cured meat, Sushi, tempura, cheesecake, fruit jelly and mousse, matured cheeses, cheesecake, ice cream and custard, pancakes, fresh strawberries with whip cream… It can also be enjoyed pure on a teaspoon, as an after diner for its digestive effects.
The package is noticeable for its refined elegance: the bottle is ornamented by a multifaceted crystal and lies in a wonderful gift box marked with the L of Leonardi made of 71 SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS of various sizes and brilliant cut. Simplicity of Tradition is here combined with the purity of plain modern lines. Unique piece, handicraft, with certificate of authenticity.

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