Code: C9153/C9153BOX

Cod. C9153
3000 ml - 105.82 fl.oz - 1 pc/Box

Cod. C9153BOX
3000 ml - 105.82 fl.oz - 1 pc/Box - BOX LEGNO

Room diffuser characterized by a soft and fruity fragrance, combined with spicy, intense and precious nuances and warm elegant notes of vanilla. The many wood barrels in which Leonardi’s Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is kept for no less than 15 years provide different shades of perfumes. The oak wood delivers hints of vanilla, the cherry wood provides fruity tones, juniper gives spicy notes whereas acacia offers sweet honey hints, chestnut recalls delicate yet penetrating notes, mulberry wood enhances the aromas, and finally the ash wood balances the bouquet with neutral and natural scents.

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