BALSAMIC CONDIMENT - Riserva Leonardi “15 Travasi” 50g

Code: G305

50 g - 1.76 oz - Box 4 pz

Balsamic Condiment "Family Reserve" Serie 15

Gift Box and numbered series
pleasantly thick and velvety, with fruity and woody perfumes with nice sweet-and-sour balance, it is aged in wooden barrels for 15 years. It goes well with any kind of food, privileging meat, cheeses and desserts.
Ideal on: roast, grilled and boiled meat, cured meat, hamburger, hot-dogs, cheeses, French fries, pizza, fish and seafood, fruit salad, fresh strawberries with whip cream, yoghurt, ice-cream, cheesecake, pancakes, panna-cotta, puddings...

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