Code: C4460

250 ml - 8.45 fl. oz - Box 6 pcs

Il Goccio SABA  (Patented bottle)

SABA is a 100% natural product deeply rooted in the Emilian tradition, made of one ingredient only: Cooked and concentrated grape must. The texture is nicely syrupy and the taste is sweeter than acidic, therefore it is used as a natural sweetener on desserts like vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, waffles, fruit pies, strawberries and poached fruit, but also to balance the salinity of cured meat and aged cheese, to sweeten tea and herbal teas, prepare cocktails and refreshing drinks. Since it has no sugar added, and it is fat free, it is definitely a healthier alternative to corn or maple syrup on pancakes.  

 Our SABA “DROP” is caramel and preservative free.

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