BALSAMORO DIAMOND 50 travasi (50ml)

Code: DMN0370

50ml – 1.69 fl. oz - Box 1 pc

Serie 50 travasi - Balsamic Condiment

Sweet-and-sour condiment made of cooked grape must, acetified and aged in wooden barrels according to the tradition. During the course of its slow maturation, it has been through 50 transfers in different casks, acquiring the flavours and perfumes of the various woods of Chestnut, Cherry, Oak, Mulberry, Juniper, Acacia and Ash. Its velvety texture and its taste rich in contrasts make it the perfect companion for important but not elaborated dishes such as beef or tuna tartar, vegetable or porcini Carpaccio, marinated fish, matured cheeses, dark chocolate cakes, fresh berries, vanilla, pistachio or hazelnut custard… it can also be enjoyed pure on a teaspoon, to stimulate your appetite or as an after diner for its digestive effects. This valuable reserve is enshrined in a special gift box, limited edition, a cube entirely covered by over 4000 round SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS in which stands a refined bottle decorated with a multifaceted shiny crystal. The Great Sage of Leonardi balsamic Farm joyfully cohabits with modern glitter to capture eyes and palates, as a real jewel to show around proudly or to keep for oneself. Unique piece, handicraft, with certificate of authenticity. On reservation only.

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