Balsamic Condiments collection

Code: L182

3x100 ml - 3x3.38 fl. oz - Box 3 pz

Wood Gift Box CANOSSA including:
1x100 ml L092 Dama “Serie 3”
1x100 ml L102 La Corte “Serie 5”
1x100 ml L109 Pregiato “Serie 10”

This tasting set includes the three main classics of Leonardi production: The Dama dei Campi Macri aged for 3 years in wooden casks to use on salads and for bread dipping, the Corte dei Campi Macri aged for 5 years and suitable for vegetables, meat and seafood, and the Pregiato dei Campi Macri aged for 10 years and so good on cheeses, cured meat, strawberries...
All the genuineness gathers in this elegant wood box.

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