Balsamic Condiment GRAN RISERVA ORO

Code: G390

68 g - 2.39 oz - Box 1 pz

Balsamic condiment GRAN RISERVA ORO 150 Travasi

The most ancient and precious reserve of Leonardi house symbolizes 150 years of patient work to keep the legacy of the father founders alive and celebrate its family continuity. Thanks to Giuseppe Leonardi who started to age the acetified grape must in the middle of the 19th century to leave a little treasure to his children, we now enjoy an elixir that survived four generations. Complexity of the bouquet, extreme thickness and intense bitter-sweet taste with an irresistible long finish.

Enjoy pure off a spoon as a digestif or to stimulate the appetite, a few drops over strawberries, ice-cream, cheesecake or a strong cheese, it’s a festival of sensations which recall dark chocolate, sour cherries and undergrowth…

Limited and numbered series in gift box.

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