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“Italy's food and motors”: discovering the itineraries in Emilia-Romagna


Among the sectors celebrating the best of the Made in Italy in the world, no doubt that fashion, food and automotive are in pool position. Especially referring to food and motors, Emilia-Romagna stands out among the Italian regions as the cradle of some of the greatest excellences appreciated globally and it attracts an ever-increasing number of tourists with the promotion of thematic itineraries combining Motorsport interest with the discovering of local food and wine.

The touristic offer of the Motor Valley 

Thanks to the passion for motors animating the Emilians for generations and making this land the research theatre in the field of pioneering mechanics, Emilia-Romagna has earned the nickname of Motor Valley. We think of course of world-famous car and motorcycle manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, Pagani and Maserati which were born here thanks to the initiative of many ambitious and visionary local entrepreneurs, of which the most famous is undoubtedly Enzo Ferrari.

Non-profit associations such as Motor Valley Development aim to promote tourism among motor enthusiasts towards the Region, encouraging all local initiatives that can boost the numerous present attractions. Local authorities also promote educational experiences and advanced training centres in the automotive and motorsport sectors, attracting the interest of enthusiasts and professionals of this sector coming from all over the world.

Places to visit

If you are passionate about motors, the best attractions are in Emilia-Romagna and particularly in the province of Modena. Among the truly unmissable stops we certainly cannot fail to mention the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, where you can retrace the history of this legendary car manufacturer and admire a collection of cars that will leave you speechless.

Otherwise, if you prefer Maserati, in Modena you can choose between the Umberto Panini Collection, which gathers an extraordinary assortment of vintage Maserati cars, and the Maserati Factory Tour, which offers you a glimpse into the present and future of the brand, leading you directly inside the plants where the current Maserati models are made.

Another mind-blowing place for lovers of the boldest and most visionary automotive design is the Pagani Museum. Entrance with a guided tour allows you to immerse yourself in the production of those jewels of technology and design that are Pagani cars.

Moving a little from Modena towards the Province of Bologna, you can visit the Lamborghini Museum, which offers an interactive experience to discover the history of the iconic models of the car company born from the genius of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

The Emilian Food Valley

As mentioned earlier, Emilia is not only famous for its engines but also for its food and wine excellences, from Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham, Lambrusco wine, to countless traditional recipes, among which fresh stuffed pasta like tortellini, which originated in these areas, or the famous lasagna and tagliatelle.

And then of course the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, a one-of-a-kind specialty which finds in this area the ideal climatic conditions for its slow aging in barrels, the real secret providing its unmistakable bouquet of flavours.

Visiting a Balsamic vinegar plant: an unmissable experience

If you visit Modena for its food excellences, you cannot miss the tour of a Balsamic vinegar farm to discover how this ancient tradition rooted in local culture and handed down from generation to generation by Modena families was born.

In fact, it was precisely in the attics of private homes that the batteries of barrels were kept into which the balsamic vinegar was transferred from year to year until it was completely matured: a family "treasure" that deserved the nickname of "Black Gold", for its undeniable cultural and material value.

Visiting a vinegar farm is an extraordinary experience, allowing you to dive into tradition firsthand. You will be able to observe the sets of barrels in which the balsamic ages and taste the different types of vinegar with the guidance of an expert, to better grasp their amazing organoleptic properties.

Acetaia Leonardi organizes tours with tasting of vinegars and typical products, or you can book a completely personalized exclusive experience (Luxury Tour), where you can combine different activities and itineraries depending on interests and preferences: from tastings of prestigious Balsamic reserves and typical products to traditional cooking lessons, up to the organization of more specific themed events.

Are you planning a tour in Emilia-Romagna and want to add an unforgettable experience in a true “vinegar farm”? Visit our webpage tours in acetaia and contact us for a tailor-made quote.

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