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Balsamic vinegar and vegan food, a perfect combination


Balsamic vinegar is an increasingly popular condiment all over the world, where it is used in a versatile way to enrich dishes belonging to the many different culinary traditions. Therefore, it is no longer a food associated exclusively with the Emilian gastronomic tradition, from which it originates, but nowadays it is widely reinterpreted in a contemporary and creative key.

In fact, its typical sweet-and-sour flavour makes it suitable for an incredible number of pairings with different dishes and ingredients, from sweet to savoury. One question then arises spontaneously about the compatibility of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena with the vegan diet, which is today increasingly widespread globally for ethical or health reasons.

Balsamic Vinegar, a 100% vegetable condiment

The vegan diet is based on a balanced consumption of foods of exclusively vegetable origin, and which completely excludes meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs or any other food of animal origin or substance of animal origin at every stage of its production.

If you follow a vegan diet and you are wondering if Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP or Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP are suitable for your diet, the answer is definitely YES. The former is produced exclusively with cooked grape must, aged in barrels, while the latter derives from a mix of cooked must and aged wine vinegar. In both cases, the protected origin certification excludes the possibility that the product contains other ingredients.

If you indeed choose an Organic certified Balsamic Vinegar from Acetaia Leonardi, you choose a natural product made with 100% organic ingredients. The LEONARDI BIO range, is in fact certified in compliance with EU regulation 834/2007.

A valuable ingredient in the vegan diet

Not only Balsamic vinegar is compatible with the vegan diet, but it is also a very precious food for those who have chosen to exclude any animal-derived food from their diet, because it is a condiment with such a complex bouquet to enrich any types of foods.

For example, besides being used raw on cooked or uncooked vegetables or pulses, it can be used to stir-fry some vegetal protein-based foods commonly consumed as meat substitutes: the best known are tofu, seitan and tempeh. These ingredients can be stewed with Balsamic Vinegar or even left to marinate in a glaze of vinegar, oil and other ingredients of your choice, then roasted or grilled. Balsamic vinegar may be used as well to caramelize vegetables or mushrooms, creating a great variety of delicious and original recipes that make vegetable cuisine more appetizing. There is plenty of choice!

Now if you are a true Modena native who follows a vegan diet, should you miss the traditional tastes of your land, you can always count on the unmistakable flavours of Balsamic Vinegar, which will in fact lead you back home at first taste. Have you ever tried to prepare 100% vegetal tortelloni with egg-free dough, stuffed with spinach and soy ricotta, then sprinkled with a finish of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar DOP Extra Vecchio? Try it to feel immediately transported in Emilia!

However, taste isn't the only reason to include balsamic vinegar in your vegan diet. There is also a health-related motivation. In fact, balsamic vinegar is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, precious mineral salts for the well-being of the body, especially for those who follow a special diet and must pay attention to include all essential nutrients into their diet.

One more reason to enjoy all the taste of real Balsamic Vinegar of Modena!

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