News of 24.04.19

A Ciak among the balsamic barrels. Watch the trailer of the movie shot at Acetaia Leonardi.


Acetaia Leonardi has turned into a film set during some shootings of "Un amore così grande", a movie directed by Cristian De Mattheis transmitted on Thursday,  April 25th, on Canale 5 in prime time.

It is a movie produced by A.C. Production that was presented during the Venice Film Festival in 2017.

The movie, which takes its title from an old piece of Italian music sung by Mario del Monaco in 1976, is dedicated to opera and features among the protagonists the singers of Il Volo.

In the plot the young Vladimir, Russian street artist of Italian origin, arrives in Verona in search of his newer knew father and here he meets the trio Il Volo and their manager. It will be the latter to discover Vladimir's innate talent for opera and to persuade the three artists to let him open their concert.

The film also tells a beautiful and rough love story, the one between Vladimir and a girl from Verona named Veronica. Their love is obstructed by her family and she will have to go beyond obstacles and difficulties in order to triumph.

Watch the trailer to see the scenes shot at Acetaia Leonardi.

A curiosity: Francesco Leonardi also appears in the video, intent on examining an ampoule of his precious Black Gold.

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