"IL GOCCIO" CREAM Condiment 250ml

Code: C4465

250 ml - 8.45 fl. oz - Box 6 pcs

Il Goccio CREAM  (Patented bottle)

Sweet-and-sour condiment made of concentrated grape must blended with aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena. The high thickness and the balanced acidity provide a great versatility to this product, which can be a low calorie and tasty alternative to Mustard or mayonnaise sauces on sandwiches, burgers, potato fries, pizza, meat and fish, and also to dress salads, omelettes, rice and pulse. It is a delicious and healthy topping on desserts like cheesecakes, pancakes, waffles, frozen yoghurt, ice cream, strawberries.

Our GLAZE “DROP” is caramel and preservative free.

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