Dark Balsamic Condiments

Balsamic Condiment - “Gran Riserva Oro “Serie 100” 100ml

Code: L1351

100 ml - 3.38 Fl.oz - Box 1 pz

Balsamic Condiment GOLD GREAT RESERVE Serie 100       DELUXE EDITION

The Centenary Patriarch of Leonardi farm is still in good shape and continues to treat and amaze the few lucky ones who can enjoy its richness of aromas, the complexity of its bouquet, the high density and the harmony of sweet-and-sour taste. It symbolizes the tradition inherited by the ancestors Leonardi, Giuseppe and Vito, today handed down by Giovanni and Francesco Leonardi.
Serving suggestions: on a spoon as an after-dinner or to stimulate the appetite, on fresh and ripe strawberries, on vanilla ice-cream. It may at first arouse reminiscences of dark chocolate and sour cherries...
The box includes a glass taster, a cork pourer, a recipe book and a Certificate of guarantee.

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