Tomato sauce with Balsamic and Goji - 275g

Code: C0806

275g-8.47 oz - Box 12 pz

Tomato sauce with Balsamic vinegar and Goji Berries

Also known as wolfberry, this red fruit coming from China, Tibet and Mongolia has a sweet taste similar to blueberry or raisins. Goji was called “LONG LIFE FRUIT” by the Tibetans who have always appreciated and used it for its health and nutritive benefits.  In fact, Goji berries are rich in antioxidants (anthocyanins) and are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, C and all the B group.

Goji berries are often recommended to boost the immune system and they are useful to treat eye, skin, nails and hair ailments. Eaten as a snack in between meals, they are a good ally to stave off hunger pangs and eventually lose weight. Finally, the content of zinc and chrome helps to activate the metabolism. Leonardi tomato sauce with Balsamic and Goji is healthy, light yet nourishing, without preservative nor colorings, it is perfect to dress pasta dishes and accompany toasts, meat and sandwiches.

Ideal to dress pasta, pizza, risotto, bruschetta, garlic bread, finger food, club sandwiches, tortillas... to accompany cheese and meat. 

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