BALSAMORO DIAMOND 15 travasi (100ml)

Code: DMN0345

100 ml - 3.38 Fl.oz Box 2 pcs

Serie 15 Travasi - Balsamic Condiment

Sweet-and-sour condiment made of cooked grape must, acetified and aged in wooden barrels according to the tradition. During the course of its slow maturation, it has been through 15 transfers into different casks, acquiring the typical flavours and perfumes of Chestnut, Cherry, Oak, Mulberry, Juniper and Ash woods. It shows a delicate thickness thanks to the concentration through natural evaporation, an intense brilliant brown colour, a bittersweet and persistent taste. Ready to use as is, over raw and grilled vegetables, cured meat, Carpaccio, smoked salmon, roast and boiled meat, matured cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, omelettes, pizza, risotto, fruit salad, fresh strawberries, ice cream and custard, yoghurt, pudding, pancakes, fruit mousse… also suitable to make soft drinks and cocktails. The packaging is a jewel itself: the bottle, enriched with a round multifaceted crystal, lies in a beautiful gift box decorated with a handicraft composition of round cut SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. It will definitely be a successful gift, such as a precious gem which continues to glitter over time. Unique piece, handicraft, certificate of authenticity included.

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