PEARLS of Balsamic & Oil

G624/G625 White Balsamic Pearls - FIG 50g/370g

Code: G624 /G625

Code G624 - 50 g - 1.7 oz - Box 12 pz

Code G625 - 370g - 13.05 oz - Boz 4 pz

White Balsamic Pearls - FIG

Ideal on: meat (carpaccio, foie gras, tartare…), fish, finger foods, appetizers, mixed salads, raw or cooked vegetables, potatoes, fruit, ice cream, puddings and desserts.

Coming from an exclusive Leonardi Recipe, the Balsamic Pearls are small spheres with a liquid sweet-and-sour heart containing the best Balsamic condiments Leonardi. When eaten, they provide a surprising and pleasant explosion of taste besides transforming any dish in a true spectacle. 

Various flavours are available, from the Classic Balsamico and the fruity ones (Fig, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Lemon and Date), up to the distinctive Truffle so that to enrich any kind of food preparation with a touch of molecular gastronomy encountering the most traditional symbol of Modena: Balsamic Vinegar.  

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