Dark Balsamic Condiments

Wood Collection Condiments "ELITE" 6x100ml

Code: L181

6x100 ml - 6x3.38 Fl.oz - Box 3 pz

Elite Wood Box
1x100 ml L092 Dama “Serie 3”
1x100 ml L109 Pregiato “Serie 10”
1x100 ml L113 Riserva “Serie 15”
1x100 ml L120-XB Eccellenza “Serie 20”
1x100 ml L152 Ginepro “Serie 20”
1x100 ml L130-XB Patriarca “Serie 30”

This magnificent tasting set includes the whole range of balsamic condiments, from the youngest for daily use to the oldest and precious one, to use in special occasions. The balsamic universe is here condensed in one box to enjoy all the different sensations that this incredible natural product provides. A very classy gift to offer or to keep for oneself!

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