Dark Balsamic Condiments

Balsamic condiment "Gran Riserva Oro 150" 100ml

Code: L1551

100ml - 3.38 fl. oz - Box 1 pz

Balsamic Condiment GRAN RISERVA ORO Serie 150     DELUXE EDITION

The story of Leonardi Balsamic originates in middle of the 19th century and fortunately the following generations kept on continuing the tradition of aging the grape musts. This is the reason why today, the Leonardi Family is proud to offer its treasure, the Original reserve (in limited quantity) patiently alimented by 4 generations and for over 150 years!
Enjoy on strawberries or on Parmigiano Reggiano, but also pure as an after-dinner for its digestive effects. To imitate the experts, pour a drop on your hand's back and sip it directly to better appreciate all the bouquet complexity. 
The special packaging in wood includes a glass pipette, a dosing spout, a recipe book and a certificate of guarantee.

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