ARTISANS MANUFACTURERS – Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - To obtain sublime Balsamic Vinegar we need above all patience, devotion and respect for the ancient traditions which have been handed down for four generations at Leonardi Balsamic farm.

Collection CLASSICA

The "Red" catalogue offers the classic collection of Leonardi balsamic, the historical products of the tradition, the bottles sealed manually with the typical red wax seal and the satin ribbons. The medals of quality (one medal [..]

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Good Luxury is synonymous of refinement and sobriety. The excellence of Leonardi production packed in the "tubes", elegant cylinders with mother-of-pearl colour or in the essential shaped caskets, made to exalt the content, [..]

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Collection DIAMOND

The Leonardi family is happy and proud to introduce the Balsamic Diamond collection, jewels of taste and style which celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Acetaia located in Magreta. For the first time, one of the most renowned [..]

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News & Events
Happy new Balsamic year! Happy new Balsamic year!
Acetaia Leonardi welcomes you also during the Holidays season! To inquire about opening hours and [..]

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Leonardi Balsamico was born in the countryside of Modena, where the typical varieties of Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes are grown-up to get the grape juice called must, which is the basic ingredient of Leonardi Balsamic Vinegars. From the pick-up of grapes up to the bottling, the Leonardi family follows all the production phases of this ancient condiment, brown and velvety, very versatile, magic balance of sweet and sour flavours.


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